About Kevin

Hey there – thanks for giving this a read.

I’m a global content services executive with more than a decade of experience on all sides of the content/publishing services industry – sales, business development, solutions architecture, operations, customer and project management, and overall business management.

Over the past decade I’ve worked on services and solutions for some of the largest publishers and content owners in the world – helping them take advantage of the combination of cutting edge technology and processes engineered to ensure that technology fully delivered on its promise.  I’ve led the implementation and execution of these services and solutions from the US, UK, India, The Philippines, and Eastern Europe.

After working with so many publishers and content owners as they adapt to rapidly changing consumer expectations while also working to align their businesses, cost structures, and processes with economic realities, I felt like I had some things to share that could be helpful to publishers, content owners, and service providers – that’s what this site is all about.